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Knitting Reimagined {A Review}

Knitting Reimagined {A Review}

IMG_20140814_161826Two years ago a friend taught my oldest to knit. Well that’s not entirely true. F turned A into a lean, mean knitting machine. She can knit and do anything under the sun. Well, that’s not entirely true either. She can’t knit and wash dishes, or knit and take a shower yet. But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she figures out how to do that.

I know how to knit. I knit. But it’s not my…

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The Next Step

I feel a bit remiss after my blog post earlier. I find I left out a few very  important pieces.

Grace Grace, God’s Grace

I have heard from some women who have been where I was, and like me they weathered through it.  I know this is a prevalent issue, the women I heard from, like me, made the right choice.  But I am not ignorant enough to think every woman makes that choice.  There are those who…

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Just 10 Minutes

The day was sunny and full of whatever I filled it with having an infant and almost 3-year old.  I don’t remember exactly how we spent our morning, I do remember longing for naptime to come quickly.

And by quickly I mean like yesterday quick.

The infant and I had not gotten off to the best of starts. First, I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted another baby, but Mr. FullCup is a man of action, not…

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found at

I used to think bullies were those little boys in elementary school who threatened you with a knuckle sandwich if you didn’t hand over your lunch money.  Or if you didn’t do their homework. Or they would trip you in the hallway just to see you fall, so they could point at you and laugh.

I was never asked or told to do anyone’s homework except my own (and I was…

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It’s pouring.

It’s pouring.

You know the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” Well I’m changing that to say, “It never rains unless it pours.” This summer has been one big, huge pouring rainstorm. Or that is how it appears to me.

May 1, Mr. FullCup’s step-mom had a stroke. She was already battling bone and liver cancer. Early June we were told 1-6 months. My girls sobbed.  The older one said, “We’ve been through this before.…

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James: Faith Becomes Real.

James: Faith Becomes Real.

I used this book as a companion to Beth Moore’s Bible study on the book of James.  It worked great for what I needed it for.

It could also be used alone as either a commentary or even better a daily devotional. It digs deep into the heart of the issues James dealt with in his short book.  It takes the book apart verse-by-verse and explains using both biblical and modern examples.

I’m not going to…

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Wanna know a secret?

Wanna know a secret?

We all dream of a happy marriage. We grow up dreaming about the person we’ll marry,  what they’ll be like, how we’ll spend our “happily ever after”.

Problems arise when what we fantasize about doesn’t mesh with our reality. When married life is harder than we thought it would be. We become disillusioned and unhappy. We watch other couples and wonder what their secret is. Why is their marriage so…

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Odyssey Adventure Club…Join today for ONLY $5!!

Odyssey Adventure Club…Join today for ONLY $5!!

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 4.54.28 PM 

 For a limited time, you can listen to a new episode of Adventures in Odyssey for FREE! Album 58, The Ties that Bind, will be available this fall for digital download and CD purchase, but if you join the Odyssey Adventures Club, you can listen to the full album now! Guess what? The $5 special held last month was extended through the end of July, too, so you can join in the fun for only $5!

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Adventures In Odyssey

I remember being in my late teens-early 20s. I was working for a local dentist, who played Christian radio throughout the office. Every afternoon a kid’s program would come on and life would almost come to a stop, so everyone could listen.

Almost 30 years later, I’m still a fan.

The program?

Adventures in Odyssey.  Whit, Connie, Eugene, Bernard, Mr. Walton, the whole gang.

Recently I grabbed my…

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I Quit Sugar {A Review}

I Quit Sugar {A Review}



Several years ago I quit sugar, or more accurately I stopped eating anything with any type of refined sugar/sweetener. I used raw honey in baking, and saw a huge reduction in my seasonal allergies.  I still have them, and they are still bad but not at all like they were.

I’ve been curious since then about how my body acts and reacts to different foods. The…

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